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We are a team of technology professionals committed to partnering with customers to create reliable and innovative solutions. We provide consulting, software solutions and technology management to help our customers achieve consistent results for their business, collaborators and communities.

In only 6 years the company has expanded presence in Canada, Guatemala and The Netherlands. We have served companies from Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, England, Honduras, Spain, the Netherlands, and the US.

We have quickly adopted technologies such as Augmented Reality, TV Apps, Virtual Agents and proposed better options for systems development with our own development Framework.


Mobile Strategy

We help clients leverage and implement mobility benefits into their businesses, impacting in the service, productivity and/or transactions.

Our experience with banking, retail, NGO´s and educational industries along with platform UX/UI knowledge are key in the value added.

Portal / Web Management

Enterprise level portal systems to serve large numbers of users. With our own framework we provide LIFERAY implementations with a higher return on investment.

Our complementary products build a stack for easy intranet management to facilitate team collaboration through social and process automation

Customer experience

Software solutions that empower businesses to move from multi-channel strategy to Omni channel maturity. We have partnered with the leading provider, Creative Virtual to leverage knowledge, content and experience across all channels with powerful reporting and administration.


While Liferay offers the means to customize out of the box, each implementation requires development to achieve the desired results. This means involving a developer in your project. With Catalyst, Liferay customization can be achieved quickly and simply. Catalyst allows you to create data structures similar to Liferay's web content structures and dynamic data lists. Unlike out of the box Liferay, Catalyst data structures allow you to define complex relations between your structures and create complex forms to capture the data.

PeerBag is a social collaboration tool for any company and organization.
Peerbag was created to help users to quickly locate and view information relevant to their roles and responsibilities. Any content posted or uploaded to PeerBag can be tagged for easy filtering and is fully searchable out of the box.

PeerBag is fully extensible and, as it is built on top of Liferay, any existing Portlet can be published as a PeerBag app. Whether you use it for your internal teams or to close ties with customers you will have an adaptable and growing platform.

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We are proud members of the Canadian-Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce